Drª Mariana Corrêa da Silva

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist Specialist MSc, Esp,PG,BSc
Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator | Msc Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy | Post-grad Neuropsychological Evaluation and Rehabilitation | Specialization Geriatric Neuropsychology | Bsc hons Psychology

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist, with years of experience working with people suffering from anxiety and depression. In her clinical work she observed that more times than not these and other emotional problems are related to factors that go beyond life’s tough circumstances, where frequently, the way we react to obstacles paradoxically becomes a bigger source pain, leading to greater emotional disconnection, becoming less authentic, and leaving us vulnerable to feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, shame and lack of acceptance.

Since the beginning her foremost concern was to find scientifically supported interventions, and her training shows exactly that.

For 6 years she trained and practiced Cognitive (Rational) Emotive Behavioural Therapy in the UK, where she had the privilege to be taught at Goldsmiths University College of London by Prof. Windy Dryden (disciple of the Albert Ellis, the founder of cognitive therapy) and one of the most influential psychotherapists of our time.

It was in the UK that she initiated her clinical work at the OCD centre, at the time the only center in Europe devoted to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where she had the opportunity to specialize in anxiety disorders and associated depression in adolescents and adults.

In 2005 she made the decision to come to Portugal. She has been practicing in both private and hospital settings, which gave her the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams and broaden her scope of intervention with adolescents, adults and the elderly.

By 2009 Drª Mariana Corrêa da Silva was working in close relationship with MD’s which lead her further increase the extension of her intervention to crucial aspects of our well-being such as healthy eating behaviour (disordered eating behaviour), adequate physical activity (sedentary life-style) and quality of sleep (insomnia, hypersomnia and restless leg syndrome).

Tive apenas uma consulta presencial e ainda guardo as notas que tirei. Saber que os escrúpulos são sintoma de um transtorno de ansiedade, pelo qual não sou responsável, mais propriamente que eles são sintoma de perturbação obsessiva compulsiva foi um alívio ENORME. Senti que Deus estava a cuidar de mim, que tinha finalmente dada resposta à minha oração. Comecei também a fazer mindfulness … prendi o valor da respiração e também de como é importante termos sempre projetos dos quais gostamos e metermo-nos neles. Não sei se algum dia me verei livre da Poc, mas sei que agora aprendi a conviver com ela e não deixo que ela tome conta da minha vida.

Agradeço imenso a Deus ter posto a Dra Mariana no meu caminho!

Agradeço também muito à Dra. Mariana toda a competência, trabalho e paciência que tem tido comigo.

Não desistam! Força! Beijinhos…

Tele-consulta: Maria distrito de Viseu

In 2015 she became the 1st certified Daring Way™ facilitator in the Iberian Peninsula. Coming across Brené Brown scientific work has changed her life and her clinical practice through this new and revolutionary life-skill based program. Since then, her integrative intervention has helped those who come to her for coaching, looking for coordinates to change their lives for the better.

Her goal as a Clinical Psychologist is to facilitate the deepening of self-knowledge, working your insight on thoughts, emotions and behaviours, so you can cultivate a more authentic life that meets your real needs.

This work is only possible through partnership by developing a therapeutic relationship marked by a real sense of safety. Only then can we examine unhealthy and destructive patterns of thinking, behaving and relating.

In working with Drª Mariana Corrêa da Silva you will not find someone that just listens to what you have to say, and you will not be advised on what to do with your life. It is not about changing who you are but about changing the aspects that prevent you from being who you really are.

When you work with Drª Mariana Corrêa da Silva, you will be able to reflect on what is keeping you from living the life you can live and want to live. You will learn to name the aspects that are indeed obstacles that you are carrying into your personal relationships, and other areas of your life (to work, Uni and other). Only then will it be possible to develop alternative choices and practices that will guide you through the path of courage and greater resilience to life a meaningful and more fulfilled life.


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